Symantec Norton Utilities Full Version Download

Symantec Norton Utilities is a software package designed to increase free space in RAM, speed up computer boot, clean up the hard drive and improve system performance in general.

According to independent research by PassMark Software, after optimizing the problematic PC with Norton Utilities 17, the OS boot time is reduced by a quarter, and the launch time of Microsoft Word is 16%. The stability as well as reliability of the system increases.

This utilities contain below packages:​

  • Startup Manager for managing startup applications
  • Services Manager for managing download services
  • Registry Cleaner and Registry Defragmenter for cleaning and defragmenting the registry
  • Disk Cleaner to clean the hard drive of temporary and junk files
  • Performance Test for performance evaluation.
  • In addition, included tools for defragmenting the hard drive and data deletion.


  • System Optimizer
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Erasing data from disk
  • Startup manager
  • Registry Defragmentation
  • Cleaning the registry
  • Service Administrator
  • Performance Test

Main advantages:

One-click troubleshooting– Automatically detects common computer problems. Such as broken links in the registry as well as corrupted files. Allowing you to focus on your work instead of troubleshooting.

Accelerates computer boot-up– Reduces computer boot time and eliminates unnecessary waiting by prioritizing application startup.

Releases memory – Optimizes the registry to increase the speed of program startup as well as computer operation.

Releases disk space – Improves overall computer performance by defragmenting the hard drive, freeing up memory and restoring system resources.

Protects personal and information – Allows you to permanently delete any more unnecessary confidential files from your computer. So that they do not get to the attackers.

Helps prevent system errors– Cancels erroneous actions and commands in the registry to ensure error-free operation of the computer.

Measures computer performance– Compares the speed of a computer with the speed of computers with similar characteristics


Norton Utilities

How to install ?

  1. Install the program.
  2. After the installation, copy the LicHelper.dll file to C: Program Files Norton Utilities Engine
  3. Enjoy 🙂

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