SecureAPlus Premium v4.11.0 Cracked [Latest]

SecureAPlus Premium

SecureAPlus is a security solution that combines antivirus and application capabilities of the white list for applications. Anti-Virus protects your computer from known malicious programs, whilst the whitelist provides proactive protection against unknown threats.

Unlike traditional antiviruses, SecureAPlus blocks any new and unknown malicious programs at their first attempt to launch, even if they try to avoid detection.

Thus, SecureAPlus can complement the main antivirus installed in the system, providing users with an additional level of protection. This allows users to use SecureAPlus together with other anti-virus software with real-time protection.

Key features:

• Extended Protection
Guarantees the detection and blocking of unknown malicious programs and common threats based on signatures.
• Easy to install and configure
Just run the file and install. There are no complicated settings. Wait for the shared white list to be created on the computer and SecureAPlus is ready for use.
• Proactive protection
Protection against modified viruses, threats of “zero day” and other unknown threats.
• Cloud antivirus
The “Universal Antivirus” component is a cloud-based antivirus that protects against malicious programs, such as rootkits, by scanning executable files (programs) with several antivirus programs in the cloud. 12 anti-virus engines are used: Ahnlab, AVG, Avira, BitDefender, ClamWin, Emsisoft, ESET, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, QuickHeal, Sophos, TotalDefense.
• Real-time
protection Real-time protection allows users to not worry about accidental malicious programs or malicious scripts.
• Compatible with other antiviruses
Allows users to use SecureAPlus in conjunction with an already installed primary antivirus in the system.
• “Silent Mode”
When switching to this mode, notifications and requests from SecureAPlus will not be displayed. The application whitelisting system will automatically block all untrusted sites. If a virus is detected using real-time protection, the file will be automatically added to the quarantine. To switch to silent mode, right-click on the SecureAPlus icon in the system tray and select “Silent Mode”.


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