PT Portrait 4.1 Studio Edition Cracked [Latest]

PT Portrait

PT Portrait is a graphic editor designed for processing portraits. The program contains a complete set of tools for improving digital photos: from cleaning the skin to giving it a glamorous look of “glossy magazines”, tools for retouching, removing red eyes, smoothing wrinkles, increasing clarity, color correction and much more. The program will help you with a few mouse clicks to give the portrait a perfect look and desirable attractiveness.

Main features:

• Removal of stains on the skin.
• Removal of fine wrinkles.
• Change the shape of the face.
• Natural and realistic effects.
• Support for RAW format files.

Features Studio Edition:

• Works as a stand-alone application
• Works as a plug-in in Photoshop
• Supports saving sliders as presets
• Supports opening and saving as 8/16-bit image
• Support for color profile (ICC) while saving

Facial features enhancement
Remove red eyes, enhance eyes and eyebrows instantly. Whiten teeth and make lips look more vivid.

Brighten Eyes
Remove red eye effect, make eyes look brighter and sharper.

Enhance Eyebrows
Sharpen and darken eyebrows naturally.

Brighten Eyes & Enhance Eyebrows
Whiten Teeth Get rid of yellow teeth, let them appear white and bright.

Retouch Lips
Make lips ruddy and radiant, or change lips color as you like.

Whiten Teeth & Retouch Lips
Reshape Face

Use Reshape sliders to make the portrait face look more attractive. You can easily slim face, enlarge eyes, lift eye corners, make nose smaller, and even give the portrait a better smile.

Reshape Face

Full-body skin perfection
With the skin brush you can customize the skin area to perfect all visible skin, not just the facial area.

Full-body skin perfection
Image color adjustments
Adjust exposure, contrast and saturation, remove color casts, improve the entire image tone.


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