Macabacus for Microsoft Office 8.11.9 Crack [Latest]

Macabacus for Microsoft Office

Macabacus for Microsoft Office – performance add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The most complete and high-quality set of Microsoft. Improve productivity for business and finance, as well as other professionals.

More efficient building of financial models and presentations

• 80% + saving time for routine tasks
• Simulation tools
• Advanced analysis of formulas
• Charting tools
• Dozens of shortcut keys
• Reliable communication with Excel
• Content / Automation of the agenda
• Common content libraries and templates
• Easy search and move
• Optimization
• Deployment
• Extensive customization

Reduce the number of errors with our powerful, best-in-class audit tools
• Easily move formulas across worksheets and workbooks using only the keyboard.
• Similarly moves the cells, showing you which formulas and diagrams control the monitored cell.
• Deploy to use cases using tree navigation to help you understand all the driving of your formulas.
• Analysis of complex formulas in parts to see which part of the formula contributes to the overall result.
• Visualizations highlight error formulas, emissions and other inconsistencies, which otherwise may go unnoticed.
• View cells immediately or when moving across cells.

Update your presentations so you can focus on content
• Synchronize slides with plug-ins with your native PowerPoint partitions.
• Deep integration with PowerPoint sections constantly updates your plans, as partitions are added, deleted, moved or renamed.
• Keep the styles on the agenda – shows the agenda: a table or slides with delimiters at the beginning of each section.
• Show section / subsection headers on content slides that are automatically updated when the agenda changes.
• Intelligently collapse sub-sections to fit other topics on the same slide and improve readability
• Intelligently lower the sheets to reduce presentation length and printing costs.
• Intelligently avoid displaying sheet sheets backwards during a slideshow.
• Include slideshows or other text in the table of contents.
• Fully customizable program / flash.

Exporting cells and charts from Excel to PowerPoint and Word is simpler and more professional.
• Export cells and diagrams in PowerPoint and Word in the form of images, built-in books, tables, charts, etc.
• Hide Excel interface elements – print preview borders, red cell comment indicators, grid lines, etc. and automatically repaint fonts for more professional results
• Automatically check the formula errors in the data you export, helping to avoid embarrassing errors in your presentations and documents
• Imported shapes (for example, drawings, tables) are intelligently located and scaled, avoiding the tedious adjustments required for inserted forms.

Improve the quality of the presentation and avoid mistakes.
• Check slides for formatting, layout, content and grammar errors and inconsistencies before sending a presentation to the client or for printing
• Improving compliance with the corporate design and branding standard
• Over 100 tests for problems such as inconsistent word wrapping and abbreviation, missing footnotes, color deviation palette, incorrect bullet formatting, no punctuation, no charting marks, image distortion, and much more
• Unlike other solutions, Macabacus checks the graphics and Smart Art
• See where exactly the problems are, detailed explanations of the problems and frequency of occurrence, where inconsistencies are found;
Troubleshoot problems with a customizable patch menu that emphasizes the dominant conventions in the presentation to help you choose the fix.
• Set the verification language for the whole presentation at once to fix the words marked as incorrect, which are not explicitly linked

PowerPoint and Word data with Excel with reliable links
• Link cells and charts in Excel with forms and text in PowerPoint / Word and refresh the links with the click of a button
• Unlike native Office links, Macabacus links will not break when the structure of your source table changes , which it will necessarily do
• Reduced the size of presentation files / documents compared to the nesting of books required for native Office binding.
• The built-in text binding in PowerPoint and Word allows you to write paragraphs with digits received from a spreadsheet that are easy to update.
• Versioning helps identify newer versions of the source files when refreshing links and recommends repetitive options.
• Automatic link detection supports files shared in the cloud with a service such as Dropbox

A for reusable content and templates-sharing with all users in your organization
• Shared libraries speed up preparation and facilitate standardization of presentations, spreadsheets and documents
• Library content can Include slides (for example, command pages), Office forms (for example, icons), images (for example, customer logos), charts and business tombstones.
• Library templates can include presentation templates, spreadsheet templates (for use as starting points for creating new models), and document templates (for example, fax cover pages)
• Slides inserted from the library are linked and can be updated to the latest version in the library at the click of a button
• Google-like text search returns instant content matching.
• Create “document groups” to classify published templates using a business unit or any other category.
• Macabacus supports 3 libraries – a personal library for individual use, as well as libraries of commands and companies that can be shared
• Locally cache remote libraries for offline availability.
• Administrative privileges are required to modify the company library.


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