GTA 5: Remastered version for the PS5 confirmed – release will take place in 2021

The first title announced for PS5 tonight is an old acquaintance. We are talking about the long-running open world “GTA 5”.

This Thursday evening Sony Interactive Entertainment will finally give us a first look at the games PS5 owners can look forward to.

It all started with an old friend who will in future span three generations of consoles. We are talking about the open world hit “GTA 5”, which was originally released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. After an implementation for the PS4 followed a few years ago, Rockstar Games announced “GTA 5” today for the PS5 as well.

Technically completely revised

So far, however, the studio has not been able to elicit too many details. Instead, there was only talk of the fact that “GTA 5” or “Grand Theft Auto 5” will find its way to the PS5 in a completely revised version. Even if a corresponding confirmation is still pending, we can probably be pleased with support for 4K resolution and a display in 60 frames per second.

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In addition, there is talk of an “expanded version”, which suggests the train of thought that new content is on board. According to official information, “GTA 5” will set course for the PlayStation 5 in the coming year. Since there was no talk of exclusivity, an announcement for the Xbox Series X should certainly only be a matter of time.

With more than 130 million games sold, “GTA 5” is one of the most successful titles of our time. Now we know that Rockstar Games would like to continue this success story on the next generation of consoles.