Geometry Dash World

The first version of the tricky Geometry Dash jumper fascinated gamers. With this game, the developer gives its users a lookup. (free, without in-app purchases)

The concept of Geometry Dash World is easy to explain. You take command of a square that has to survive as long as possible in a fluorescent world full of dangers and Рideally Рshould be brought to the end of the respective level in order to unlock a new mission. mega hack v6 Free Download

Tricky levels

This task, which sounds simple at first glance, is made more difficult. First, you have to be careful not to make contact with the various traps – one touch is enough to doom you to restart the respective level. Second, you need to have precise timing as the landing zones are extremely tight.

The developer donated a training mode in which you can add small diamonds that act as checkpoints to the levels by clicking on an icon. The content of the levels remains the same between the individual rounds, which enables you to train. Thank you, however, that you unfortunately do not have a checkpoint available when playing “serious”.

Technically enhanced

The first-class graphics engine was carried over from its predecessor: Geometry Dash World looks downright psychedelic on phones with organic displays. The background music in chip tunes style deserves special mention, which is a lot of fun, especially with headphones.

The most important difference to the predecessor is the upgraded online integration. The new version will receive permanent updates from the developer, which provide new levels and other tasks for download. At the time of going to press, however, this feature was not yet activated. The monetization is done exclusively through advertising banners – these did not prove to be overly annoying during our test.


Geometry Dash World offers no cause for criticism from a technical point of view. The only annoyance turns out to be the downright salted high level of difficulty – those who do not react extremely quickly and / or have an extremely high position of frustration tolerance will soon throw their phone against the wall out of sheer anger. The reviewer assumes no liability for this.