FIFA 19 Review

Game description:
FIFA 19 is arguably the most popular soccer video game series out there. Enthusiasts can compete in their favorite sport alone, together or against each other. With your favorite team, a team you created yourself or any other team from the major leagues around the world. There are fast games, tournaments, individual shooting and other training exercises, special challenges or, since a few titles in the series, even a campaign in which the story of an aspiring talent can be played in the universe of professional football.

Pedagogical assessment:
football is omnipresent
Every child and young person knows FIFAand most soccer enthusiasts love it. Where else can you control your favorite stars and idols in order to really show the opponents what the hammer is? FIFA is ubiquitous. In almost every social institution you can find at least a part of the series and also as a topic of conversation it connects, just like the sport behind it. But just as there are always arguments among football fans, this can also happen quickly in front of the screen. People brag, laugh at, abuse them or, in the worst case, attack them. FIFAis a competitive game. Depending on how the players feel about each other, it is easy to see that there may be friction. Of course, this is also the case with all other multiplayer titles with a competitive spirit. However, FIFA has a certain special position, similar to real football compared to other sports.

Where the fun begins
Of course, FIFA 19 includes not just potential for conflict. In fact, the many different game modes all offer good entertainment value, be it in the campaign, in which the players move from the talented nobody to the turbulent world of professional football, including ups and downs, or a quick game of the favorite team against the hated one Arch enemy, only to then flatten it properly. For most gamers, however, the focus is probably on the multiplayer mode. What could be nicer than having a lot of fun together for an evening and throwing the balls around your ears. Playing connects and FIFA 19does it just as well as its predecessor and better than many other games. In addition, a real entity, namely that of real sport, merges with the otherwise often ridiculed world of video games. Fifa 19 license key for pc no survey.
Since a new part of the series appears every year, the team line-ups, the changes of players, all statistics and other factors and information are always relatively current. This adds another dimension of experience and participation to the passion for football without losing touch with the facts. In addition, the players can try everything for themselves, play, score and actively interact together. Now comes the best: there are many parents who cannot understand their children’s enthusiasm for video games because they lack access to the material. FIFA 19 builds a bridge here that couldn’t be better. All parents who are only a little interested in football and who would like to gain access to their children’s hobby can do soMake the most of FIFA 19 for this.

Football is a business
As in real football, the hobby in FIFA 19 can quickly become expensive if you are not careful. From the need to buy a new title every year, which has at least a couple of reasonably good reasons, apart from, there is in FIFA 19Again the opportunity to invest real money to create your dream team, with which players can compete online against others. In the so-called Ultimate Team mode, as in its predecessors, card packs can be purchased for real money. In these card packs there are cards from players and their values. As long as the card of a certain player is not in possession, it cannot be used for the Ultimate Team. Now these cards are available in different degrees of quality, with corresponding rarity. The higher the quality, the better the player’s values, but the rarer the card. Which cards are in a pack is left to chance. This game mode is very popular with game ends. Some of these rare cards can be found in theFIFA community are almost a status symbol. In recent years, such lootbox mechanics have led to a wide variety of debates. In 2018, the first EU countries began to ban this form of in-game transactions, as they were classified as gambling in the respective country and are therefore prohibited for minors. You can find more information on the topic of the Lootbox problem in the corresponding articles on our website.

FIFA 19 and the consoles
A technical aspect should also be dealt with very briefly. Depending on which platform the game is purchased for, there are gradations in the graphical representation. On the Nintendo Switch, for example, the game doesn’t look as good as it does on the more powerful PS4 and Xbox One rivals. Of course, the controls also differ depending on the system, as the game controllers are designed differently. In general, the controls in the game are not easy to learn, despite numerous hints. In addition, there are many players who have different opinions about the correct controls. This is another indication that the controls are not as easy as they often seem.

FIFA 19 is the newest installment in the well-known and working series, along with its positive and negative aspects. The title connects, just like real football does. However, when playing it can also lead to the typical conflicts among fans in real football. Basically, FIFA 19but a lot of fun, especially with real teammates. There is also a good opportunity here, especially for parents who cannot find access to their children’s hobby, to build a bridge from the real hobby soccer to the virtual hobby soccer. An intergenerational exchange can also take place here. Regarding the Ultimate Team mode, however, it is advisable to exercise caution so that all your pocket money does not disappear into virtual nothing.
Due to the points mentioned and the fact that gamers should at least be able to understand the connection between their action on the controller and the action on the screen, this game is interesting for children aged eight and over.