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When it involves basic accounting, there’s no doubt that in most cases an easy spreadsheet application should be enough to keep the numbers in check. Kick it up a notch and you may discover that spreadsheets aren’t enough. If that’s your case and you wish a more comprehensive solution, it’s quite clear that you need a specialised accounting utility. Designed particularly for little and medium-sized businesses, Ezi Accounting is a comprehensive piece of software system that can help you with your company’s inventory and with most of the disturbing accounting tasks.

Ezi Accounting OverView:

Straightforward interface and flexible multi-window workspace

The fact that it’s designed to be as comprehensive as possible becomes evident after the first minutes spent with the app. By providing both a local platform and a few internet features, it makes it possible to centralise your accounting data, all while keeping your clients, suppliers and other associates within reach.

Upon 1st launching the app, you’re greeted by a efficient and clear-cut main window. whereas accessing the app’s plethora of features isn’t at all troublesome thanks a simplistic high toolbar and a typical menubar, you might notice that operating with Ezi Accounting is a bit strange at first.

This is mainly because the app comes with support for separate windows for every of its several options. Of course, this suggests that you will simply customise your atmosphere and work with multiple windows in parallel. On the flip side, it also means your workspace may get overcrowded and cluttered at times.

Feature-rich accounting app

Speaking of features, it’s safe to mention that Ezi Accounting doesn’t disappoint. The app includes invoicing, payment and inventory systems, as well as internet store integration, support for charts and journal posting.

In addition, you’ll use it to generate sales analysis, keep consumer, supplier and stock details well indexed, and many more. The utility is quite flexible, as it allows you to choose the date format, paper size, currency and tax names, as well as it permits you to import and export information within the most common accounting-specific formats.

Powerful and efficient, but could be better

All in all, it is a powerful accounting app that’s definitely an asset for medium corporations in numerous spheres of activity. Despite being very well thought-out, we must indicate that this is an application that will benefit greatly from an improved user interface.

Ezi Accounting Offline Installation

For example, a tab-based interface would help users be more in control of multiple opened windows and menus, all while taking advantage of the flexibility provided by the multi-window workspace.

Ezi Accounting Key Features:

Invoicing / quotation
Payments received
Clients details
Sales analysis
Clients statements
Aged clients
Purchasing / purchase orders
Payments to suppliers
Supplier details
Purchase Analysis
Telephone directory
Import / export in standard formats
Setup of E-mail
Stock details as well as Stock teams
Stock adjustments as well as Stock analysis
Chart of accounts
Assets liabilities, equity, income, cost of sales, expenses
Journal posting & entry posting
Bank reconciliation
Standard accounts reports
User file maintenance
Tax file maintenance
Flexible date format, paper size, currency, tax name.

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