Eltima Cloudmounter 1.5.1105 Cracked [Latest]

Eltima Cloudmounter

With CloudMounter, mount the cloud service directly to your PC, and work with it just like with a local disk. Easily connect to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive through Explorer.

CloudMounter features

Integration with the Explorer
Display the cloud storage as a network drive in order to be able to manage online files in the same way as local files.

Cloud services
Seamless access to cloud services with CloudMounter! The user can mount several accounts Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive at the same time, and one account for each service can be mounted for free! There is no need to save online files on your computer, because you can continue to work with them, as if they were saved locally.

Dropbox Client
To connect to Dropbox, mount the cloud storage as a drive without having to install it on the computer and save the files locally.
CloudMounter makes the process of uploading files to the Dropbox server similar to simply moving local files in Explorer.

Mount Google Drive
CloudMounter is a great Google Drive client, because it allows you to display cloud storage as a network drive. Thanks to this you can work with Google Docs, as if they were saved on your computer.
It is possible to install as many Google Drive accounts as necessary, while working with them as with local (without the need to save them on your PC).

Microsoft OneDrive
Connect to OneDrive and download data to OneDrive with the same ease as you copy or move files on your hard drive.
Connect the cloud storage as a drive and work with it quickly and easily. To manage online files, you do not need to save them to your computer.


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