Cyrobo Clean Space Pro 7.25 Cracked [Latest]

Cyrobo Clean Space Pro

CyRobo Clean Space – this program was designed to rid your computer of electronic garbage and protect your privacy on the Internet. Computer garbage includes many objects (for example, cache and temporary files of various programs and the Windows OS itself), Internet cookies, Internet browsing history, logs, index.dat files, registry entries, etc. These objects are scattered over the entire computer, usually in hidden system folders, spends gigabytes of precious disk space.

To perform professional operations, you do not need to be a high-tech person. The interface of the program is so simple that even beginners can use it. This is perfectly intuitive.

Main features of the program:

  • Removes gigabytes of garbage and protects privacy.
  • Clearing the unwanted cache will allow your Windows OS and other programs to work more efficiently.
  • Improve computer performance.
  • Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance.
  • The deleted data can not be recovered, so you are physically safe.


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