Ambiera CopperCube Professional 6.3 Crack Latest

Ambiera CopperCube Professional is an editor for creating 3D applications, games as well as 3D sites. Import or create your 3D models, install camera controllers, materials, behavior, click “Publish” and your application is ready. Create everything from simple models to full-fledged 3D games. By download it from You can do all this without programming.

Ambiera CopperCube Professional Crack Full Version Features

Easy All-in-One
Solution CopperCube is a complete 3D authoring tool that includes all the features you need to create games for multiple platforms. And it’s easy: the entire editor, including everything, requires about 70 MB, and your ready-made games are just one small .exe file. Or a .js file of only 200 KB in the case of WebGL.

The easiest 3D engine to use
There is no simpler software for creating 3D games. It is easy for beginners as well as fun for advanced users. You do not even need to write code to use it.

Landscape editor
CopperCube includes a terrain editor. The landscape can be painted using the height drawing tools directly in the editor, textures can be quickly drawn by automatically mixing textures with the landscape. There are also tools for placing grass and bushes, as well as for the automatic distribution of the grid in the area.

Real-time shadows and static lighting
CopperCube supports real-time shadows and static light / shadow calculations. They can even be mixed if you wish. Add a pleasant atmosphere to your game by simply checking the box to enable shadows in real time, or calculate the static lighting by clicking the “Calculate!” Button (see below). This works even very fast on a WebGL target.

CopperCube supports automatic movement of vegetation, regardless of whether it was created inside CopperCube or imported from external 3D models. It does not affect performance, everything is calculated on the GPU. Wind parameters are easily adjustable.

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Real-time Real-time
Water CopperCube supports the rendering of realistic-looking water surfaces for all purposes. Customizable, you can create everything from it: Lakes, Rivers, Oceans.
It works quite quickly on slow objects such as WebGL. Water color, transparency, flow direction, waveform as well as more can be easily customized.

Fast physics
Includes full physics engine. Available behavior called “Moving an object with a physical engine” allows objects to behave, collide and move like objects in the real world. Objects with the “Face When Moving” behavior will also collide with them as well as will be able to move them, flip them, etc. There is also a way to react when an object collides with the world, for example, to play sounds, and a way to manually apply forces to objects using scripts.

Special Effects and Post Effects
CopperCube supports particle effects to create complex particle simulations such as fire and smoke, rain and snow, fountains, and more. Professional users also have post-processing effects such as Bloom, Blur, Vignette, Colorize, Invert and others. And again, all this works without programming.

No programming required
To make your 3D scenes interactive, you can use CopperCube’s simple event / action system:
you can easily determine the actions that should happen (for example, playing sound, opening a website, showing an item, etc.), When an event occurs (for example, the user clicked an item or reached a specific area). No programs are needed here.

Good and fast lighting
CopperCube Editor has a built-in light source that can greatly enhance the look of your 3D scene. Just put some light sources as well as click “Calculate”. Lightmapper even features global lighting effects and is very easy to use.

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